What Elder Care Services Can You Get In Home?

Elder Care Services

Nursing homes and retirement facilities are never ideal. Nobody wants to have to move out of their home because they’ve been told they can’t take care of themselves. It must be a horrible feeling. Especially considering that many seniors view such a move as the beginning of the final chapter of their lives and makes

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How Can I Help My Parents’ Health Before it Becomes Problematic?

How Can I Help My Parents' Health Before it Becomes Problematic

Aging is difficult and scary. Many of us are wrapped up in our own concerns. The bags under our eyes, our receding hairlines, the perplexing amount of physical pain that follows a day of playing tennis with our friend. As disconcerting as these discoveries may be, it tends to really hit us when we look

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What Is the Value of Homemaker Services?

Homemaker Services

When we notice that our parents, elderly loved ones, or that we ourselves, are having great difficulty in taking care of our homes, it can come as quite a shock. And often a depressing and discouraging shock at that. But it really shouldn’t be. Aging is a natural part of life and we all know

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What is “Personal Care”?

Personal Care

The term “personal care” can mean slightly different things in different contexts. When discussing care of seniors, personal care means care that is given to seniors who need some assistance with their physical movements and their bodies. The term personal care is used to distinguish itself from other types of senior care services, such as

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The Basics of Assisted Living

Assisted Living

“Assisted living” is probably a term you have heard before. But do you really know what it means or what all assisted living can entail? Assisted living is comprised of a series of services designed to help those who need some help functioning day-to-day. Those who require assisted living are primarily people with disabilities of

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